6 Evaluation Methods That Will Increase Your Chances at Getting More Grant Money

There are a number of reasons that grant makers like to know how you’re going to evaluate the project you have proposed to them for funding: •You’re asking them to invest in your project that “assumes” if you do what you’re outlining in your proposal, then a certain result will occur. •Your grant proposal is really aRead More

3 Top Ways to Find Grant Funders Just Right for Your Organization

Sometimes finding the perfect granting agency to fund your awesome projects can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. There are just so many factors to consider like area of interest, geography, the amount of the grant, what it’s being used to fund and if the foundation is currently even accepting applications. ButRead More

The Number One Strategy that Earns Major Brownie Points with Grant Funders

The Number One Strategy that Earns Major Brownie Points with Grant Funders

It’s often said that the proof is in the pudding.  (Where did that come from anyway?  Why isn’t the proof found in apple pie or a honey bun?  Yet, I digress.) The only way that you know your organization’s programs are living up to the goals you set in your proposal is if they areRead More

This is Exactly What Could be Missing from Your Grant Proposal

It was a Facebook update just like this one that drew me to adopt my Annie from this wonderful organization: Post by Adopt A Golden Birmingham. A  follower on their Facebook page, I regularly saw updates just like this one that would break my heart. No, your organization may not have cute, furry faces toRead More